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IT Security Audit

IT Security Audit
Why do I need an IT Security Audit?

Many businesses invest in their IT systems but often don’t get it checked to ensure the expensive systems you have invested in are actually configured and working correctly and as you expect. An IT audit will highlight where things have not been configured correctly. It will show you if there are areas your business hasn’t addressed security. It will help you to meet ICO and FSA recommendations. It will give you peace of mind that your investment is working as it should.

Which IT Security Audit do I need?

We are able to audit many areas of your IT system but most commonly we carry out external security audits to test that firewalls, routers, websites, email systems are setup correctly. Then we carry out internal security audits to test that the internal servers are setup correctly, that they are backing up, that adequate protection is in place and so on. Most businesses we deal with have an annual internal security audit and quarterly external security audits.

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