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What is cloud web security?

Improve your network security, configure policies for your staff and monitor what your users do on the internet.  Our unique Cloud Web Security solution protects all your machines even when outside of the network by filtering all requests through our cloud based data centres.  Our solution uses a state of the art antivirus, antiphishing, adware and antispyware engine to scan websites before allowing the content to the end user in a few milliseconds. Whilst providing excellent protection from malicious content you are also able to configure staff usage policies to control what your users can do.  For example you can limit social network usage to an hour a day, block all adverts from being shown, enforce restrictions as to what can be uploaded/downloaded, limit bandwidth and much more. 

Cloud web security features:

  • Comprehensive AntiPhishing System
  • Advanced AntiVirus Protection
  • Powerful AntiSpyware & Malware Engine
  • Users & Groups (Local or Active Directory).
  • Detailed User Policies (Per User, Group or Location)
  • Graphical Reports 
  • Limit social network usage
  • Block Adverts & tracking cookies
  • Real Time Reporting / Logging etc
  • Time Quotes Per Website Category
  • URL Content Filtering
  • Limit allowed file types
  • Dynamic Anonymizer Detection
  • Safe Search & Heuristics


Why cloud web security?

Most computers in an office environment have internet access. Whilst this is a great tool and gives easy access to a wealth of information, it is also a gateway for spyware, viruses, and other malicious content to enter your network. Controlling what your staff can do on the internet to save wasting hours a day on twitter and valuable bandwidth is essential. Protect your laptops whilst they are away from the network using our powerful solution. Our Cloud Web Security solution will block malicious content, it will ensure your staff follow a work policy you define and will give you the power to report on that activity when required.