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Why cloud mail security?

Email has now become so widely used that it is essential to businesses across the globe. If you lose access to your emails for several days / weeks most businesses will struggle to function. Our Cloud Mail Security package offers your business the ultimate protection against email downtime by providing access to your new emails during the downtime and the ability to reply online without requiring access to your local mail server. In order to better protect your mail server going down we also thoroughly scan emails for a large number of malicious items including spam, spyware, viruses etc. See our features list for more details.

Cloud mail security features:

  • Zero Hour Virus Protection.
  • Highly Sophisticated Anti Spam Engine.
  • Inbound SPAM Filter Control. (Per user & per domain)
  • Outbound SPAM Filter Control. (Per user & per domain)
  • Schedulable Message Digest Reports
  • Quarantine SPAM System
  • Directory Harvest Attack Protection.
  • Denial of Service (DoS) Protection.
  • Hosted Junk Mail Quarantine.
  • Junk Mail Digests.
  • Configurable Disclaimers.
  • White List Safe Senders.
  • Black List Senders.
  • Grey List System.
  • Business Continuity
  • Access Mails if your Server is Down.
  • Reporting & statistics.
  • Active Directory Integration.
  • Attachment Extension Blocking.
  • Character Set Blocking.
  • SPF.
  • Monthly SAAS Platform.
  • Cloud Based
  • Multi Data centre Replication
  • Easily Accessible.