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Cloud office 365

ITWiser are a Microsoft Partner and proud to be able to offer the latest Microsoft Cloud Computing solutions to your business known as Office 365. Office 365 is the platform Microsoft use to roll out some of their core products to companies that want to pay as you go service to use the latest software.

By using Office 365 you are guaranteed the use of the latest version of Office without the need to take out long software assurance agreements. Instead you can get your business up and running quickly with a manageable monthly cost. Also available is the Web App suite of office products such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and One note. You can open, share and edit your documents on the web using virtually any device with an internet connection. This gives you the power to use office outside of your business network.

Moving Exchange to the cloud gets out of the daily headaches associated with managing an email server. It will always be available online with no down time. It allows you to work anywhere remotely with an array of email clients such as outlook web app or the full Outlook product. Users get at massive 25GB of email storage and are allowed mails of up to 25MB to be sent safely. When tied together with the ITWiser Cloud Mail Security product you get an incredibly robust product with excellent protection from viruses, malware, spam and so on.

SharePoint is an excellent tool from Microsoft which starts out as a basic intranet but then normally grows out of control with time consuming heavy resources and being hard to manage. Moving your exchange platform to the cloud gives excellent options for sharing anywhere in the world without the need for VPNs into the main office. It offers the key functionality of SharePoint without the headaches associated with running it.

Lync is a collaboration tool from Microsoft that allows you to send messages to colleagues, see their status, create video conference calls and gives the ability to run online meetings / presentations. Securing the online meeting system has been a concern for many companies so moving this to the cloud gives the levels of security required to ensure your internal servers remain secure. It gives your business the ability to conduct professional presentations to clients whilst allowing colleagues to stay in touch whilst in or out of the office.