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Why do I need a Network Audit?


Networks tend to start small but end up growing, without time to carefully plan the complexity. IT staff can come and go leaving the latest qualified staff looking after systems other people implemented. Most IT departments spend most of the time keeping things running and don’t find the time to fully inspect their systems to ensure they are getting the most from them. More importantly they may miss a few key points in ensuring they are secure and that the business is operating the best practices that make recovering from issues easier.

As a business owner you need to know that what you have bought and paid for is working as it should be. Whether or not you have internal IT staff and maybe existing external IT support, you should always get an impartial review of your systems. This gives you the peace of mind knowing that these systems you pay a lot of money for are working as they should be. Typically we have found that existing IT staff & IT support companies are not very pro-active and are also not very good at spotting the mistakes with the IT infrastructure.

  • Are your backups actually working even though IT tell you that they are?
  • Have backups ever been tested?
  • Do you experience slow network access due to bottlenecks?
  • Have you setup the correct security system for your business?
  • Can staff plug in their iPhone and copy company data to it?
  • What happens to the data if a laptop gets lost or stolen?

If you have ever asked any questions like this then our Network Audit is essential.

How does a Network Audit work?

We send one of our engineers out to thoroughly investigate your IT infrastructure to ensure that things are running as you expect. The analysis covers your key systems and will normally highlight a number of areas of risk that you may not have previously been aware of. Following our engineers doing a detailed audit we also give the option to receive a report showing you a summary of our findings. We are more than happy to work with IT staff to improve things if required. The most important part of a network audit is knowing that your business IT is running correctly from an impartial third party. These network audits typically start form £750 + VAT.