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What is a Penetration Test?

A Penetration test is the process of a white hat ethical hacker testing your network security. They do this by attacking your network remotely using tools hackers use. This gives a very realistic idea of what is at risk to your business. A penetration test is performed when a company is wanting their security checked by a professional. This can be for peace of mind to know they are secure through to various regulatory bodies insisting on it for example the ICO, FSA and so on. These tests are then documented and presented and then actions to be put in place are advised. When a penetration test is in progress by a trained ethical hacker a security waiver must be in place to protect the penetration tester.

Why Should I have it done?

Having an IT Security Audit done will work in the companies benefit in the long run, if something happens and you haven’t had the correct procedures carried out then the company and its directors will be held accountable. It will give you piece of mind that the network hasn’t got any weaknesses or vulnerabilities that can exploited easily by criminal black hat hackers. If you have the correct procedures and documentation in place it can save you money on insurance premiums.

Does it affect my network?

Whilst the tests are being run by the white hat ethical hacker / penetration tester, there shouldn’t be any downtime or effects on the network. All these tests are not intrusive and run in the background. In the highly unlikely event your network does suffer an issue as a result of the tests, we will work with you to rectify the problem immediately. Be aware that black hat hackers running the same tests and tools could cause massive damage if they expose a hole into your network.