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What is cloud mail vault

Our Cloud Mail Vault is a unique system that allows you to store copies of all emails in and out of the company on the cloud servers. They are out of reach of staff so cannot be tampered with. This is often used by businesses to see what advice they have given a client in the past over email or to recall accidentally deleted emails from an inbox. Our solution is unique in that we don’t put any storage space limits on our solution unlike most of the alternative solutions on the market. We ask if you want to store emails for up to one year or up to ten years.¬†Your data is backed up amongst multiple data centers, so you can be sure your data is safe. It is also encrypted on our servers so that only your logon can gain access to those emails.


  • Archiving of all inbound and outbound emails.
  • Fast search facility.
  • Ability to tag mail as they are stored
  • Customizable retention policies
  • Legal hold mode to ensure mails aren’t removed by retention policies if going through legal cases
  • Encryption of emails at 256-bit
  • Checksum verification of emails
  • Emails are stored in a secure read only mode, content is fully protected from tampering
  • No hardware require on site
  • Integrated seamlessly with our Cloud Mail Security systems

Why cloud mail vault?

Ensuring you know what is being sent/received within your business is important especially if you are asked to reproduce copies of mails for legal reasons. If you haven’t got a good quality mail archiving product in place then doing so becomes impossible. Not only is it important to keep a copy of all mails in and out of the business but it is also important to ensure that this information is secured and only available to the correct people. Being able to quickly search this information is very important at times making our solution invaluable