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Why cloud backup online?

Backing up your company data should be a top priority given how much businesses rely on their computer systems. Traditionally tape backups are taken and the previous nights tape might be stored off site. However when you come to restore that tape, it can often take 3-4 times longer than your backup window to complete the restore. This puts a lot of strain on both your tape drive and the tape. We have seen instances of tapes snapping mid-restore having catastrophic effects on the restore process. We recommend our Cloud Online Backup solution to run alongside a traditional tape backup so that you have your data stored off site on media that isn’t easily damaged via a restore process. The Cloud Online Backup also enables you to restore your data at any time from anywhere to new hardware. The data is encrypted as part of the upload process and as such is only accessible by you.

Cloud online backup features

  • Backup changed files only after initial backup
  • Backup all your office computers including servers
  • Monitor backups on the web
  • Backup network folders and NAS devices
  • Create shared roaming folders for group and collaborative work
  • Synchronize files between PC and Mac
  • Access and view files online
  • Secure military grade encryption of data using 256 bit
  • Easy to expand as your business grows


What is cloud backup?

We use advanced backup software to backup your data to our data centres around the globe. Our system takes an initial backup of a folder then will scan the folder for changes either live or one ever 24-48hrs. Only the changes are then pushed up to the backup vault keeping the backup time to a minimum on a daily basis. Our backup system allows the backing up of folders on your PC’s and Server’s and is compatible with Windows XP through to the latest operating systems both client and server. Instead of being just a backup system we can also configure roaming folders so that no matter which computer you logon to your files can follow you around between machines synchronizing with our cloud online backup system.