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Antivirus Protection

cloud antivirus : ITWiser Yorkshire
What is Cloud Antivirus?
Our Cloud Antivirus solution replaces the traditional antivirus solutions by allowing you more control of machines that aren’t physically accessible or on your local network.  We would install the client software on your PC’s and servers.  This software then looks to the cloud for the configuration, security policies, definitions and so on.  So you no longer need an on-premise antivirus server installed. Laptops that are out on business for several months can now be managed from the cloud so can still get definition updates, policy changes, even get infections remotely cleared without the need to be on your network.
  • Comprehensive AntiVirus & Malware scanning engine.
  • Advanced policy management system.
  • Centralised cloud management.
  • Protects & control laptops when out of the office.
  • No server management software required locally reducing your server load.
  • Low resource impact on target systems.
  • Secure encrypted updates via the cloud.
  • Next generation technology.
Disadvantages of Traditional AntiVirus Solutions

Many business antivirus solutions involve installing and configuring an antivirus management server on the network. This will typically be responsible for downloading updates & pushing those updates to clients, controlling various configuring policies and storing quarantined viruses that have been detected  on the network.

This type of solution suffers from the following issues:
  • Machines cannot be updated when off the network.
  • Unable to roll out new antivirus policies to machines not on the network.
  • Cannot remotely clean infections on machines away from the network.
  • Quarantined viruses stored on your server where they could cause damage.
  • Server exposed to zero-day viruses.

If you experience any of the issues above then our Cloud Antivirus solution is your solution.