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Why is an external security audit important?

Why is an external security audit important?

Most companies are reasonably confident about the physical security of their offices, but how much do we really know about our computer network security? It is absolutely vital that companies test and identify any potential weaknesses in their networks. A non-ethical hack into a company’s network can have devastating consequences and as we all know, hackers are extremely active as the internet (and intranets) expand; often it’s rich pickings for these hackers hence their determination to succeed. Identifying vulnerabilities before the network (or system) is compromised is paramount; closing the stable door when the horse has bolted is an all too familiar story.

Ideally, both internal and external network security audits should be done on a scheduled basis, with strict records and reports kept for compliance and internal reference.

ITWiser offers both external and internal security audits as well as ethical hacking solutions to identify and isolate weaknesses and vulnerabilities in systems and networks. This involves extensive external probing of the network using remote tools (external security audit). Any weaknesses are immediately identified and a report is generated. For internal network audits, a qualified engineer will attend your premises and carry out a thorough test and check on all internal network protocols and hardware. This provides reassurance and peace of mind that your network and data are covered by the maximum protection against both internal and external threats.

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