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Where is my data stored?

Where is My Data Stored?

With 78% of organisations having experienced at least one data breach in the last two years, it is critical that you make regular backups of important data. With the rise of online computing, Cloud Online Backup is fast becoming the preferred method of backup for businesses and it is hailed by users for its simplicity and efficiency.

Unlike CD/DVD or flash-drive backup which provide a physical data saving solution, Cloud Online Backup stores your data in the cloud. While this eliminates the familiarity of hardware, it also removes the risk of damage or theft that could jeopardise your information.

Storing data in the cloud essentially means it is stored online, available for access 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world and by using any computer. Information is securely uploaded using 256-bit military grade encryption and stored in global data centres, which are manned round the clock by highly trained personnel.  

While there isn’t a physical location for your data that you can see and touch, the use of Cloud Online Backup is the safest and most secure backup solution you could wish for.

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