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What is spyware and how do I prevent it?

What is Spyware and How Do I Prevent It?

Spyware is one of the age-old problems of the internet. Spyware is not a virus as it does not replicate itself on a computer system, but instead acts like a Trojan horse by getting people to unwittingly install something. Spyware is generally hidden inside other programs – usually freeware and shareware programs that are used by businesses – and, once it makes its way onto a system, will collect the private information of a user without their knowledge. Spyware is able to track keystrokes, login details and other sensitive data, and will impact negatively on a system’s performance by installing malicious software, changing settings, redirecting web searches, and changing the URL of a homepage. On some occasions, it may also deliver various unwanted pop-up ads.
Spyware is incredibly debilitating to a computer system; however, it is preventable via a cloud web security antispyware and antimalware engine. Antispyware technology is designed to search a hard-drive for any traces of known spyware by looking for evidence of an installation in the system registry. If any spyware is found it will be deleted, protecting your computer and ensuring operations can be carried out efficiently.

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