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What is anti-phishing?

Why Do I Need An Anti-Phishing System?







Along with malware, phishing is one of the major security problems facing internet users today. Phishing generally consists of emails from bogus financial institutions containing links to their websites. These emails are targeted at groups of people with the aim of stealing credit card information and account details such as usernames and passwords. The biggest issue with phishing emails from the point of view of the user is that they are virtually impossible to spot, containing official-looking addresses and logos and providing links to identical websites. Emails will usually give a reason why you must visit a website and enter your account credentials, such as suggesting account info needs updating for security purposes. Once you unknowingly hand over this information, cyber criminals will use it to steal your data and/or money.

While there is no way of stopping these emails from being created, an anti-phishing system will help prevent you from becoming a victim. This is done by constantly updated databases with threat signatures that include all of the sites currently known to be used for phishing. By making anti-phishing a part of your cloud web security, the system will detect and root out a problem early, preventing an attack and keeping your data safe.

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