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What are Detailed User policies?

What are Detailed User Policies?

One of the biggest causes of lost productivity in the workplace is internet distraction, with employees wasting numerous hours every week on websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Another leading cause of lost productivity, which is due to company downtime, is malware and computer viruses. While malware can find its way onto a network or system in many different ways, it has traditionally relied on human interaction, prospering though illegitimate software downloads, phishing scams, and fake links on websites.

This loss of productivity is not only damaging to profits but in the case of malware and data breaches it can also result in serious harm to a reputation – to the point where a business might not recover at all.

Detailed user policies allow you to remain in full control of internet usage and determine how employees use the Web. Policies can be set up per user, group, or location, and modified as and when required. This set up allows specific employees or departments to access the websites and online software needed for work purposes, but prevents them from visiting sites that are responsible for lost productivity.  

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