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What is VDI?

In basic terms you would normally have low power of thin client PC's in the office and have a powerful server and network that the PC's connect to, forcing all work to be done on the server.

VDI offers a range of benefits such as:

  • One to many virtual machine distribution
  • Easy to manage user problems centrally
  • Central patch management
  • Creating a new desktop can be done in minutes rather than hours
  • Data security increased as your data doesn't sit on the end terminals
There are several downsides to this approach to VDI which are causing many people not to upgrade such as:

  • Large investments required in IT infrastructure
  • Ongoing operating costs for high end infrastructure
  • Low performance, especially working remotely
  • Support for peripherals can be inconsistent
  • Much more complex IT systems to learn and manage
  • Laptop users can't use anything without fast mobile link to the office
  • If VDI server fails no one can work (SPOF)
What is VDI?

Our solution to VDI is Intelligent Desktop Virtualization (IDV). This has the benefits of a VDI solution but at a fraction of the price.

IDV Features:

  • Much smaller investment for IT infrastructure
  • Low ongoing operating costs
  • Great performance even when working remotely
  • Consistent industry backed support for peripherals
  • Very simple to deploy and operate
  • Laptop users can use their machines remotely
  • No reliance on IDV server for machines to work, reducing SPOF
  • Hardware agnostic
  • Simplifies patching
  • Central backup of changes only
  • Central management of virtual machines, users, policies etc
  • Kiosk mode for public or shared computers
  • Secure - AES-256bit encryption, remote kill
  • Rapid recovery from lost PC
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