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Should I use cloud antivirus?

A big concern amongst most businesses today is the quality of the antivirus and security tools they use to prevent security exploits. By quality, we really mean effectiveness. Even Microsoft’s Security Essentials only managed a meagre 1.5 out of 5 in a recent antivirus test.

We all rely on our antivirus software to prevent exploits, so we need to be sure that the antivirus software actually works – and prevents these malicious exploits from getting through the net.

At ITWiser, we’ve been singing the praises of Cloud Antivirus for a long time. The reasons are fairly obvious: catch the malicious exploits and trojans before they hit your PC, Mac, or internal network. Relying on AV software running on your local machine seems a bit like letting the burglar into your home before you call the police. Cloud Antivirus offers you an extra degree of protection (at cloud server level) rather than quarantining the suspicious item once it has hit your server or local machine. So using our burglar analogy, you might see Cloud Antivirus as the infra-red sensor outside your front gate.

Recent statistics show that many businesses are now discovering they have been victim to some form of malicious attack, but are left wondering how to deal with the problem and where to turn for help. If you fall into this category, please call us for advice – we will normally be able to help and our advice is free. So if you are about to shout “Help – I’ve been hacked! What do I do now?” pick up the phone and speak to an IT security expert on 01274 924686 as soon as possible or contact us using this link.

Of course, prevention is always better than cure – ever more so in the world of data security – and we are firmly of the view that using Cloud Antivirus is a better form of prevention than locally installed AV software, regardless of make or brand.

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