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<a href="/news/why-external-hard-drives-are-not-the-perfect-backup-solution" title="Why External Hard Drives Are Not the Perfect Backup Solution">Why External Hard Drives Are Not the Perfect Backup Solution</a>
Posted on: 09 May 2013 

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Why External Hard Drives Are Not the Perfect Backup Solution


When it comes to backing up office computer files, the external hard drive is the first choice for many businesses and it’s easy to see why; they are relatively inexpensive, easily accessible and can backup data quickly. However, while these are all great advantages, hard drives are not the perfect solution for backing up important data; here’s why:

An external hard drive is still a hard drive

Backing up computer data is done to prevent important files being lost due to a disaster such as hard drive failure. It is important to remember when placing files on an external hard drive, that this device is still a hard drive, meaning it is prone to failure. In some ways, the fact that external hard drives and flash drives are cheap to purchase goes against them, as the parts used in the manufacturing process are often not built to last.

Portability is not always a good thing

Being able to carry an external hard drive around in a bag may seem like a great advantage; however, what happens if you lose it or your bag is stolen? Your potentially sensitive data will be gone. Portable hard drives are also equally as vulnerable to fire, flooding and other natural disasters as laptop computers are.

Security is in your hands

Having full control of your data is something that attracts many people to external hard drives, but with control comes the responsibility of securing that data. For the average office computer user, data encryption is something that sounds too technically advanced to comprehend and therefore files are often left unsecured – leading to significant security risks if that data were ever to fall into the wrong hands.

So what’s the solution?

While backing up files on an external hard drive is better than having no disaster recovery plan in place at all, the disadvantages make it less than ideal; therefore, you should consider investing in a more complete solution: Cloud Online Backup.

ITWiser’s Cloud Online Backup service uses advanced backup software to backup all of your files to data centres across the globe. File encryption is taken care of on your behalf using military grade 256-bit encryption, and files can be accessed by you from anywhere in the world and on any computer via a web browser.

By storing your data off-site, Cloud Online Backup ensures that your files are always safe, unaffected by fire, and can be easily recovered if your laptop were ever lost or stolen.

External hard drives may well be a popular choice, but Cloud Online Backup is the complete choice.

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