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<a href="/news/why-cloud-online-backup-makes-sense-for-business" title="Why Cloud Online Backup makes sense for business">Why Cloud Online Backup makes sense for business</a>
Posted on: 17 Jul 2013 

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Why Cloud Online Backup makes sense for business


Cloud Online Backup software is increasing in popularity every day, but here at ITWiser (Yorkshire's IT security specialists) we've been recommending (and using) Cloud Online Backup for years.

Here are some popular questions we often get asked about why we are such staunch supporters of Cloud Backup, what it is, the advantages and benefits of it, and why every business should be using it.

Why Do I Need To Backup My Data?

If you, or your business, are not using Cloud Online Backup software ask yourself this: what would the true costs to my business be if I lost my data?

We all think it will never happen to us - not so. Most businesses have suffered hardware failures at disk level where the data could never be restored or recovered. Don't leave data recovery and disaster recovery to chance - act today by choosing a good Cloud Online Backup utility or just speak to ITWiser for free disaster recovery advice.


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