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<a href="/news/webcams-used-in-attacks" title="Webcams used in attacks!">Webcams used in attacks!</a>
Posted on: 29 Sep 2016 

Posted By: ITWiser Webmaster

Webcams used in attacks!


A website has been knocked offline by having a massive 1 terabyte of data fired at it. This is thought to be one of the biggest attacks ever. The previous largest attack was 620Gbps which hit security expert Brian Krebs’ website.

The 2 attacks have one thing in common, they were caused by a botnet of compromised smart devices. The technique used is called a Distributed Denial of service attack, this is where thousands of packets are sent at a specific device or destination. The device is then overloaded with requests and simply goes offline. Which can cause people a lot of downtime and hassle and loss of business.

It isn’t known at the moment whether the attacks were mounted by the same botnet, a bot net (also known as a zombie army) is a number of hacked devices which includes webcams and other devices.

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