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<a href="/news/viruses-aren-t-the-only-threat-to-your-business-hardware" title="Viruses Aren’t The Only Threat to Your Business Hardware">Viruses Aren’t The Only Threat to Your Business Hardware</a>
Posted on: 20 Mar 2015 

Posted By: ITWiser Webmaster

Viruses Aren’t The Only Threat to Your Business Hardware


Viruses aren’t the only threat to your business hardware

Many businesses cannot function without the use of portable data storage.  USB sticks have long been a method of easily transferring and transporting data across two or more machines.  They have constantly been the cause of concern in the sense that they can easily assist in spreading viruses and malware from infected machines on to clean networks. One report by the BBC suggests a more disturbing threat is being posed.  Even empty unformatted USB sticks have been discovered to contain malware and viruses.

The use of antivirus and malware detection software is a great step towards protecting your networks but it has been suggested that new technology has been created which can turn the humble USB stick into an even more sinister threat.  Adding a simple electricity converter into stick itself can turn the seemingly innocuous tool into a weapon that can literally short circuit the internal components of the machine into which it is connected.

Although this is possibly of little threat to most businesses, disgruntled employees can use the USB stick as a powerful tool. There is the ever present threat from employees who work from home and transfer data to and from pc’s that aren’t connected to your business network and there fore are less likely to be as protected from virus threats.

Here at IT Wiser we can undertake a security audit of your network that can pinpoint areas of security concern.  Use of methods of transference of data is one of the areas that we would investigate as part of our comprehensive audit.  There is no known way of effectively preventing an attack using the USB to burn out a machine. However, we can offer advice on device control software and antivirus solutions to give your business the best chance of protection against threats posed. 

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