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<a href="/news/virgin-media-flaw-in-the-super-hub" title="Virgin Media flaw in the Super Hub!">Virgin Media flaw in the Super Hub!</a>
Posted on: 12 Jun 2017 

Posted By: ITWiser Webmaster

Virgin Media flaw in the Super Hub!


It has been reported that Virgin Media have solved a major flaw with their wireless home routers. The flaw allowed hackers unauthorised access to the super hub routers, with admin level permission. The security issues with the Super Hub and Super Hub 2AC which are manufactured by Netgear, were uncovered by researchers from Context Information Security. The researchers found a flaw in a certain feature that allowed users to create custom configuration backups. The settings that could be backed up included dynamic DNS settings and port forwarding.

Although the configuration backups were encrypted the private encryption key was the same across all the hubs in the UK. The attacker had access to the admin interface, with this access they would be able to download the configuration file and edit it. The hacker could add additional instructions to enable remote access and then restore the file back to the device.

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