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<a href="/news/us-uk-malware-now-has-a-name-regin" title="US/UK Malware Now Has a Name: Regin">US/UK Malware Now Has a Name: Regin</a>
Posted on: 04 Dec 2014 

Posted By: IT Wiser

US/UK Malware Now Has a Name: Regin


Little more than a week ago, the news wires were running hot with stories of the UK and US launching a malware attack against the European Union and a Belgian telecom. Although the American and British ties to the attack had not been verified during the early stages of discovery, investigators later confirmed those ties. Now things have progressed one-step further. The malware used in the attack has been named: it is called Regin. 

Regin presents itself as a piece of legitimate Microsoft software that embeds itself in a computer system and then goes about stealing information and sending it back to a central location. Reports say the UK and US governments mainly targeted Belgium's Belgacom in the attack. However, the information gleaned by Regin could be fairly widespread. The European Commission, European Parliament, and the European Council are all Belgacom customers. 

Exactly what the attackers were after remains unclear. However, one thing is certain: Regin is not the first discovered hacking attempt undertaken by an international government. China is well known for launching such attacks against Western targets; it is assumed nearly every country with technological capabilities is doing the same. As for Regin, analysts at Symantec said the malware is very similar to the Stuxnet programme. Stuxnet is a piece of malware developed by the US and Israel to damage Iran's nuclear capabilities. 

You might also remember the scandal involving the US National Security Agency (NSA) and government whistle blower Edward Snowden. The fact is that governments have been spying on one another since the beginning of time. The only difference between now and then is the sophistication of such spying thanks to the advent of the Internet age. If nothing else, this story should serve as a reminder that any company is open to a malware attack unless appropriate precautions are taken. 

Protect Your Systems 

Today's businesses have a number of hardware and software options to protect themselves against hackers and government spying. Companies utilising the cloud should seriously consider a cloud antivirus solution specifically designed to accommodate the intricacies and uniqueness of the environment. ITWiser offers such a solution. 

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If a company such as Belgacom can be targeted by spy agencies looking to steal data, your company can be targeted as well. Do not risk your network security or privacy by not taking the appropriate precautions to protect yourself. There is too much at risk to take any chances. ITWiser is ready to implement our cloud antivirus solution on your servers when you contact us.

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