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<a href="/news/us-store-hit-by-malware-for-6-months" title="US Store hit by malware for 6 months!">US Store hit by malware for 6 months!</a>
Posted on: 23 Aug 2016 

Posted By: ITWiser Webmaster

US Store hit by malware for 6 months!


Eddie Bauer is a clothing chain that has hundreds of stores across the US and Canada. They have admitted that payment terminals in 350 of their stores, have been stealing customers bank information and sending it to the criminals.

The store sells very high end clothing for walkers and outdoor people. The retailer said malware infected the tills on January 2nd where it was undetected for at least 6 months. The nasty malware was cleaned off on July 17th.

Anyone who has used their stores over the last 6 months, could have handed their personal details over to the criminals. The malware worked silently and fed all the card information back to the fraudsters. These people then created cloned cards which were used for spending sprees.

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