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<a href="/news/us-navy-involved-in-a-leak" title="US navy involved in a leak!">US navy involved in a leak!</a>
Posted on: 25 Nov 2016 

Posted By: ITWiser Webmaster

US navy involved in a leak!


The US navy has reported that names and social security numbers for 134,386 current and former employees has been leaked. The cause of this leak was a compromised laptop used by a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Services Staffer.

The IT contractor and Naval Criminal investigative service are searching into this massive data loss; they have found that “unknown individuals” accessed the records. The Navy has said that there is no evidence as yet to prove that the leaked data has been misused. There hasn’t been any information released about this incident so it’s still a mystery as to how this happened, whether it was stolen or the laptop was infected with malware or if it was compromised another way.

The Navy takes breaches and incidents like this very seriously, and are working quickly to try identify and protect those that have been affected by the breach. Over the coming weeks the Navy will be contacting affected sailors and providing them with more information on this breach.

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