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<a href="/news/us-homeland-involved-in-security-breach" title="US Homeland involved in security breach!">US Homeland involved in security breach!</a>
Posted on: 05 Jan 2018 

Posted By: ITWiser Webmaster

US Homeland involved in security breach!


It has been reported that the DHS have been involved in a security breach. Reports say that more than 240,000 current and former employees of the US Department of Homeland Security have had their personal details exposed. The DHS have said that the breach could affect anyone who was part of an investigation between 2002 and 2014.

The breach was discovered in May 2017, this was found as part of an ongoing criminal investigation, the DHS found that a former employee had managed to get an unauthorised copy of the office’s investigative case management system. The DHS emphasised that the evidence indicates that personal information wasn’t the primary target, also that this wasn’t a cyber attack by external sources.

However, this breach still led to the data been exposed which included names and social security numbers. It also included positions in the company, there were 246,167 federal government staff employed by the DHS in 2014. It also affects people that were under investigation by the DHS between 2002 – 2014, these people could be witnesses, subjects or complainants.

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