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<a href="/news/us-healthcare-affected-by-breaches" title="US healthcare affected by breaches!">US healthcare affected by breaches!</a>
Posted on: 03 May 2017 

Posted By: ITWiser Webmaster

US healthcare affected by breaches!


It’s been reported that breach incidents have reduced so far this year after hitting an all-time high in 2016. It was reported that last year a total of 328 US healthcare firms reported data breaches, this number has risen compared to 2015 which had a total of 268.

A study has been carried out by security firm Bitglass which reported that the volume of leaked records is on the decrease and is set to stay that way. During the breaches in 2016 a total of 16.6 million Americans were affected.

Unauthorised disclosures are the leading cause of data breaches; it’s been reported that 40 percent of breaches during 2016 were caused by this. Unauthorised disclosures can be caused by anything from stolen or lost devices containing confidential information to accidental emailing of personal information.

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