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<a href="/news/unencrypted-usb-found-in-west-london" title="Unencrypted USB found in West London!">Unencrypted USB found in West London!</a>
Posted on: 30 Oct 2017 

Posted By: ITWiser Webmaster

Unencrypted USB found in West London!


It has been reported that a USB stick has been found in West London by an unemployed jobseeker. It was reported that the stick contained detailed security information for Heathrow airport, this included the Queens precise route everytime she passes through. The unencrypted stick was found under some leaves on Ilbert street which is near the famous Kensal Green cemetery.

The Jobseeker plugged the USB stick into a computer and that’s when he discovered all sorts of high security information. The information that was discovered is the sort of information that shouldn’t be left on an unencrypted USB stick. The types of information on the stick included, secret routes, timings for security patrols, types of ID needed to access restricted areas, maps of CCTV cameras and finally hidden shafts onto the Heathrow Express railway that runs under the airport.

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