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<a href="/news/uk-businesses-biggest-target-for-malware-attacks" title="UK Businesses Biggest Target for Malware Attacks">UK Businesses Biggest Target for Malware Attacks</a>
Posted on: 23 Oct 2014 

Posted By: IT Wiser

UK Businesses Biggest Target for Malware Attacks


Have you been debating whether to invest in Cloud Web Security or not? Here is a statistic that might help you make up your mind: computer systems in the UK are targeted by malware attacks more than any other country in Europe, the Middle East, or Africa. Scary, right?

Online business is growing exponentially in Britain and it seems that companies here are a juicy prospect for cyber criminals looking to make some easy money.

Looking at data from Europe and the Middle East, security firm FireEye found that the UK fell victim to 17% of all advanced persistent threats (APTs) in the first half of 2014. APTs are cyber-attacks that involve an unauthorised party gaining access to a network and remaining there for a considerable period, undetected.

These malware attacks are high-end and involve the stealing of data from industries with highly sensitive information, such as finance, defence, or telecommunications. In fact, these sectors account for 50% of all APTs found.

The report said that malware attacks have doubled over the past year, with DarkComet, njRAT (LV), Taidoor, and XtremeRAT the mostly commonly used programmes.

Following the UK in the number of targeted attacks were Germany with 12%, Saudi Arabia with 10%, and Turkey with 9%.

“Motivated by numerous objectives, threat actors are evolving the level of sophistication to steal personal data and business strategies, gain a competitive advantage, or degrade operational reliability,” the report said.

Richard Turner, vice president for the local area at FireEye said, “Advanced attacks are the new reality for business and government.”

Cloud Web Security is Essential

The report goes on to show how organisations continue to make themselves targets of cybercrime and warns that information being stolen is often of high-value.

No business is safe from hackers and any organisation can fall victim to cybercrime at any time. Therefore, it is essential that you protect yourself with Cloud Web Security and deploy other security measures to ensure criminals do not have an easy time.

“By preparing an effective defensive strategy, organisations can avoid the risk of sitting on the side-lines as their data and intellectual property find their way to competitors, adversaries, or hacktivists,” Mr Turner added.

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