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<a href="/news/uk-business-community-could-save-millions-through-the-use-of-ethical-hacking-tests" title="UK Business Community could save millions through the use of Ethical Hacking Tests">UK Business Community could save millions through the use of Ethical Hacking Tests</a>
Posted on: 15 Nov 2012 

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UK Business Community could save millions through the use of Ethical Hacking Tests


In the first ever “Cost of Cyber Crime” study in the UK, the Ponemon Institute discovered that businesses across the nation had lost an average of £2.1m (between £400,000 and £7.7m each) this year alone.  Ethical hacking tests offer companies a solution to their IT security needs by fighting fire with fire.

How do ethical hacking tests work?

Ethical hacking tests, otherwise known as penetration testing, are performed by an ethical hacker.  The ethical hacker will use a penetration test to scan a network’s security system, probing for any vulnerability.  If a weakness is found, the company is notified and an action plan is then drafted to remedy the problem.

Why use an ethical hacker? 

There are, of course, automated systems which could scan the system in addition to a company’s in-house IT security officer.  Neither is as effective as penetration testing due to the fact that they do not have the ability to think and act like those who threaten the company. 

An ethical hacker will adopt the same methods that actual hackers use, performing an in-depth search of the system.  In short, if there is any way to breach the cyber security of a firm, an ethical hacker will find it.  They are trained to a high level of expertise, constantly updating their methods.

Who can benefit from Ethical Hacking Tests?

IT security testing can be made use of in a number of industries:

  • Banks - People’s personal accounts and hard-earned money is at risk.
  • E Wallet systems (PayPal, Moneybookers, etc.) – As with the brick and mortar banks, security is essential.
  • Governments – Security for whole nations are at risk.
  • Any business at all – From company financial documents to customer files, there is much to protect for even the smallest business.

IT Wiser, of West Yorkshire, provide IT security testing, using expert ethical hackers so that companies are able to assure their customers that all the necessary steps are being taken to keep their business and personal accounts/details safe and secure.  Such assurances mean a lot today.

ITWiser can be contacted on 01274 868924 for a free assessment of your IT security.

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