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<a href="/news/uber-blasted-for-covering-breach" title="Uber blasted for covering breach!">Uber blasted for covering breach!</a>
Posted on: 22 Nov 2017 

Posted By: ITWiser Webmaster

Uber blasted for covering breach!


It has been reported that security agencies and MPs have slammed taxi giant Uber for covering up their breach last year. The breach happened in 2016 and the firm concealed it, this breach involved 57 million customer and driver records. Uber are already in hot water for not complying with the regulations required by taxi firms in London.

This issue raises massive concerns and has big questions for Uber regarding their data protection policies and ethics. The taxi giant still doesn’t know how many people in each country have been affected, the only figures they have released is that 600,000 US drivers’ information has been affected.

At the moment it still isn’t clear how many UK employees and customers have been affected by this massive breach. Any employees or customers affected should have been notified immediately, but this isn’t the case. Uber should have also ascertained what data has been potentially accessed and leaked and warned the let the affected users know.

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