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<a href="/news/twitter-tackles-unauthorized-use-of-personal-information" title="Twitter Tackles Unauthorized Use of Personal Information">Twitter Tackles Unauthorized Use of Personal Information</a>
Posted on: 09 Mar 2015 

Posted By: ITWiser Webmaster

Twitter Tackles Unauthorized Use of Personal Information


Harassment issues on social media site Twitter have been the centre of controversy for sometime. Recent reports suggest that the social media giant has recently added a significant number of new members to their abuse support team as well as broadening the range of types of abuse that users can report.

Their team has been increased threefold and the number of reports has increased however their response times have been cut considerably.  It would seem that the previously untouchable trolling that has been rife on this particular social media site may now be a thing of the past.

This heralds an important addition to their abuse reporting process by allowing users to report posts that include disclosure of personal information.  This development is a huge step forward in the protection of personal information online, especially from abuse by others. This could be particularly important too for protection of businesses from disgruntled or unhappy employees, too.

Many companies simply overlook the use of internal Internet policies and the importance of monitoring and even restricting the use of the internet during working hours.  ACAS even suggests a social media policy be introduced as a term and condition of employment.

ITWiser can offer your business an impartial review of your business Information Technology and internet use policies as part of our Security Audit. Our Internal audits examine the details of the local area network and user profiles to uncover potential vulnerabilities.

Adverse publicity stemming from employee abuse and the potential for unauthorised data disclosure on social media can be harmful to your business and this can be protected by taking some relatively simple measures. 

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