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<a href="/news/trackers-found-on-banking-websites" title="Trackers found on banking websites!">Trackers found on banking websites!</a>
Posted on: 16 Jun 2017 

Posted By: ITWiser Webmaster

Trackers found on banking websites!


A new report has warned banking websites are littered with third party trackers, this technology is apparently being used to rate the user’s creditworthiness. It has been reported that among the top 10 banking websites in the UK and the US, there are nearly 110 third party trackers spying on surfers each time they visit.

An online privacy company called eBlocker have reported that PNC Bank has got around 33 trackers, which makes it the most monitored out of the lot. In a report it’s been said that HSBC have only got 2, others include US bank who have 6, capital one who have 6, Citibank who have 6, TD Bank who have 20. These trackers have access to user’s financial data, which is letting banks and lenders make choices about approving and disapproving loans and credit applications before users even request them.

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