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<a href="/news/to-fine-or-not-to-fine-for-data-breach" title="To Fine or Not To Fine for Data Breach ">To Fine or Not To Fine for Data Breach </a>
Posted on: 27 May 2015 

Posted By: ITWiser Webmaster

To Fine or Not To Fine for Data Breach


The Information Commissioners office, the official data protection agency in the UK has recently suggested that being made to impose fines on companies for data breaches is not enough of a deterrent to prevent further data security breaches. It claims issuing fines for every beach will not guarantee that your data will be safe.

The ICO is suggesting as part of new negotiations, currently being undertaken within the wider European Union for new EU data protection legislation, they should be given powers to fine if necessary, but not in every case.

The current Information Commissioner wants to see a swing from “must fine” legislation to “empowerment” by law to fine, if necessary.  This means that the threat of fining will still be there but in some cases this could be waived. 

Some huge breaches, including the leak from the Sony group in 2013 have been dealt with by way of fine and in that case a fine of £250,000 was imposed on the company after a data breach on its PlayStation network. The BBC reported that company was widely criticised for not having up to date software.

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