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<a href="/news/thousands-of-websites-compromised-by-hackers" title="Thousands of websites compromised by hackers!">Thousands of websites compromised by hackers!</a>
Posted on: 12 Feb 2018 

Posted By: ITWiser Webmaster

Thousands of websites compromised by hackers!


It has been reported yesterday that thousands of websites from all around the world have been breached. The websites affected vary from the UK’s NHS and ICO to the US government’s court system, all the affected websites were secretly mining crypto-coins for unknown miscreants.

All the affected sites use a popular plugin on their websites called Browsealoud which is made by Brit biz Texthelp. This plugin will read out text on webpages for those who are blind or partially sighted. This plugin was compromised recently which is down to hackers or a rogue insider changing the source code for the plugin.

In total 4,200 websites were affected by this scandal, the mining lasted for several hours anyone who visited them during this time could be affected.

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