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<a href="/news/the-httpoxy-vulnerability-returns-after-15-years" title="The HTTPoxy Vulnerability Returns After 15 Years">The HTTPoxy Vulnerability Returns After 15 Years</a>
Posted on: 19 Jul 2016 

Posted By: ITWiser Webmaster

The HTTPoxy Vulnerability Returns After 15 Years


A nasty and dangerous vulnerability which was originally discovered 15 years ago has returned. This is an easy to exploit vulnerability which exposes a website to being hijacked.. The vulnerability, that is present in many libraries and web applications, can be used to search the backend of a website and potentially gain access to confidential information or even take control of the code.  It does this by changing the “HTTP_Proxy” variable value on the web server allowing a hijacker to redirect the webserver output.

You can avoid having issues similar to this if you have regular External Security Audits. These will indicate when vulnerabilities such as this exist on your systems allowing you to proactively protect against the risk. Get in touch with ITWiser today and find out more information regarding our services.

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