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<a href="/news/talktalk-fined-for-exposing-sensitive-info" title="TalkTalk fined for exposing sensitive info!">TalkTalk fined for exposing sensitive info!</a>
Posted on: 10 Aug 2017 

Posted By: ITWiser Webmaster

TalkTalk fined for exposing sensitive info!


The ICO have hit TalkTalk with a £100,000 fine after sensitive records for 21,000 people were exposed to fraudsters in an Indian call centre. The breach first came to light in September 2014 when TalkTalk started receiving lots of complaints. TalkTalk’s customers were complaining that they were receiving spam calls, the scammers on the end of the line would pretend to be technical support. When the scammers called they would quote the customers’ addresses and account numbers.

The customers would be convinced by the fraudsters to install a remote control application onto their machine, once on the customers machine they would then deploy a trojan.

TalkTalk launched an investigation into this issue and they found an issue with the online portal which allowed access to customer data. One of the companies with access to the portal was a company called Wipro who are a multinational IT services company in India. TalkTalk launched a specialist investigation and they identified 3 Wipro accounts that were used to unlawfully access the personal data for the 21,000 customers.

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