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<a href="/news/talktalk-bans-teamviewer" title="TalkTalk bans TeamViewer!">TalkTalk bans TeamViewer!</a>
Posted on: 20 Dec 2017 

Posted By: ITWiser Webmaster

TalkTalk bans TeamViewer!


It has been reported that the ISP giant TalkTalk has once again blocked customers from using TeamViewer. The ISP has said the reason for this is to protect customers from the scammers that use this application.

TeamViewer is sometimes used by hackers to try gain access to victim’s machines, once the hackers are on the victim’s machine they have free roam of the machine and any other devices connected to it. The hackers will also have access to any data that is stored on the machine along with any saved passwords etc. Aswell as TeamViewer been used by hackers it is also used by a lot of legitimate company’s and people for legitimate purposes, normally It is used by techies.

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