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<a href="/news/taiwanese-cops-hand-out-bad-usb-sticks" title="Taiwanese cops hand out bad USB sticks!">Taiwanese cops hand out bad USB sticks!</a>
Posted on: 10 Jan 2018 

Posted By: ITWiser Webmaster

Taiwanese cops hand out bad USB sticks!


It’s been reported that the Taiwanese police were handing out USB sticks as a prize for a competition. However, reports later suggest that a number of the USB sticks handed out were crawling with malware. According to the Taipei Times they hosted an InfoSec event last December, they hosted a cybersecurity quiz and the first prize was a USB stick, 250 of these USB drives were handed out.

According to reports 54 of the 8GB USB sticks were infected by a computer that belonged to Shawo Hwa Industries Co. The good news is that the infection on the drives was an old virus that tries to steal personal data from 32-bit machines. The Chinese-language site Liberty Times named this as XtbSeDuA.exe.

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