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10 Jul
Ransom Ware is Evolving

Posted By: ITWiser Webmaster - Yorkshire's IT Specialists

A new updated and more aggressive version of the likes of CryptoLocker and Gameover, two of the better-known ransom ware programmes, has hit the internet. CBT Locker, the newest of these malware Trojans has been wreaking havoc over the last few weeks. This virus spreads qui ..

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30 Oct
Blackout Fears Highlight Need for Cloud Online Backup

Posted By: IT Wiser - Yorkshire's IT Specialists

The National Grid has unveiled emergency measures ( to prevent blackouts this winter as Britain’s spare power capacity fell to 4 per cent. While the likelihood  ..

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14 Mar
Windows XP Users – It’s Time to Back up Your Files

Posted By: IT Wiser - Yorkshire's IT Specialists

Windows XP is the operating system that refuses to die. Since Microsoft launched it in 2001, the OS has been succeeded by Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8, yet its popularity has not diminished. In 2014, almost 13 years after its initial release, XP has an operating market share of over 2 ..

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