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08 Apr
Many Systems Still Not Protected Against Heartbleed

Posted By: ITWiser Webmaster - Yorkshire's IT Specialists

Over a year ago the Heartbleed Bug ( was identified as a serious risk to many systems using the OpenSSL cryptographic software for data encryption. This is software that has been widely used to encrypt data in web applications, email communications, when se ..

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17 Jul
Every day we connect to the internet we take risks

Posted By: Robert Wakefield - Yorkshire's IT Specialists

The Internet has never been safe but despite all the modern advances in Firewalls and anti-hacking software, the risks remain ever-present. We only need to think back to sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn being hacked and users' passwords and account details being severely compromised. However, ..

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04 Dec
ITWiser Sponsor The 2020 Group IT Conference 2012

Posted By: ITWiser Webmaster - Yorkshire's IT Specialists

On the 29th November, ITWiser attended 'The 2020 Group IT Conference' in London. Our aim was to promote our philosophy of 'Checking IT Works' by using our internal network audit and our external security audit services. We have found time and time again that expensive IT systems are being mis ..

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