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01 Jul
Jamie Oliver Hacked for the Third Time This Year

Posted By: ITWiser Webmaster - Yorkshire's IT Specialists

The main website for the TV Chef and food campaigner Jamie Oliver ( ) has been compromised now for a third time this year. The website has been infected with a link that redirects page viewers to another site which once clicked infects the users computers.  ..

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26 Feb
When Data Breaches Are Just Too Easy

Posted By: IT Wiser - Yorkshire's IT Specialists

Most of the time it takes a pretty sophisticated attack to get into secure computers for the purposes of pulling off a data breach. Yet that is not always the case. Sometimes companies or organisations make it far too easy. Such is the case with a company that works with the Driver and Vehicle L ..

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12 Feb
Cloud Security Is Important As Ever but Education Is Lacking

Posted By: IT Wiser - Yorkshire's IT Specialists

The concept of cloud security was met with quite a bit of scepticism when it first arrived in Europe. Security fears were among the most often cited concerns among business owners approached about cloud adoption. Some of those fears have been mitigated over the years, but 81% of companies still  ..

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