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<a href="/news/swift-hacked-again" title="SWIFT hacked again!!">SWIFT hacked again!!</a>
Posted on: 14 Oct 2016 

Posted By: ITWiser Webmaster

SWIFT hacked again!!


Another group of hackers have broken into the SWIFT system, SWIFT plays a massive role in the Financial payment system. The group of hackers who go by the name “Odinaff” used the same approach as the other group of hackers did earlier this year. The other hacking group managed to steal $81m from the Bangladesh central bank.

The attacks that involved the Odinaff trojan and other associated tools appear to have begun sometime in January 2016. The attacks that were launched have hit a wide range of regions, but the most frequently targeted was the US. Along with the US Hong Kong, Ukraine, UK and Australia were also affected. It isn’t clear at the moment as to how many of these attacks have been successful, let alone the amount of money the hackers managed to extract.

The main targets were mostly banks and other financial institutions. Malware has been spread using spear phishing emails, many of these emails came with malicious macros.

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