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<a href="/news/smart-home-business-technologies-are-dangerously-insecure" title="“Smart Home/Business” technologies are dangerously insecure">“Smart Home/Business” technologies are dangerously insecure</a>
Posted on: 10 Sep 2015 

Posted By: ITWiser Webmaster

“Smart Home/Business” technologies are dangerously insecure


In an increasingly internet dependant society, many manufacturers are selling systems to turn our homes in to “Smart Homes”. With companies such as Apple providing home automation systems, Nest who provide remote central heating controls in the UK and Tado which is the remote smart central heating system, it is becoming easy for us to rely on wireless and internet technology to fuel our domestic bliss.

Other popular automation products include security cameras and these all can be subject to serious security issues.  Anything that relies on the internet is a concern and basic security issues such as insecure user interfaces, basic encryption provided as standard and lack of the general population being aware of issues such as updating firmware regularly, is opening your own private oasis to hackers.

A report earlier this year suggested that ten of the top home security systems were sold without any security features.  This is leaving your home and your family vulnerable to external threats.

Likewise, if you use or purchase anything similar for your business you could be ironically opening yourselves up to vulnerabilities by installing security systems on your premises.

Here at IT Wiser we can provide a consultancy service to assist you in choosing and installing any internet based security systems and we also provide an Internal and External security audit to help assist you in ensuring your current systems aren’t compromised.

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