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<a href="/news/shipping-business-clarksons-obtained-injuction-against-hackers" title="Shipping business Clarkson's obtained injuction against hackers">Shipping business Clarkson's obtained injuction against hackers</a>
Posted on: 14 Mar 2018 

Posted By: ITWiser Webmaster

Shipping business Clarkson's obtained injuction against hackers


An injunction has been handed down by High Court judge Mr Justice Warby against hackers who broke into the IT system of British shipping company Clarkson plc. The injunction orders the unknown hackers not to publish the stolen data and to pay Clarkson’s legal costs. However, the hackers have seemingly remained completely anonymous, except for the email address which they used to threaten the firm.

Last November Clarkson admitted that it had been hacked and told the public to anticipate the stolen data to become public.

High Court injunctions against publications were designed for the time when information was going to be spread around by people in the press who were relatively easy to track down. In the age of the internet it’s difficult to identify who is responsible for the incidents that only state-sponsored attackers can carry out.

The law on data protection is changing in May 2018 as the UK have chosen to adopt the EU legislation (EU)2018/679 regarding GDPR. These changes introduce many things that businesses need to be aware of. Large fines and penalties on the horizon such as 2% of global turn over for internal systems not being compliant and 4% of global turnover for a data breach.

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