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<a href="/news/security-concern-for-asia" title="Security concern for Asia!">Security concern for Asia!</a>
Posted on: 26 Aug 2016 

Posted By: ITWiser Webmaster

Security concern for Asia!


A Mandiant report has said organisations information security is terrible across the Asia Pacific. Businesses in the United States will normally detect a hacker that’s in the network within four months, which is the global average. However, in the Asia Pacific region it will take 17 months for companies to notice an intruder.

Rob Van Der Ende is the Asia Pacific vice president of the Mandiant parent firm FireEye. He says that the region is diverse with a few countries faring better than others. Van Der Ende also mentions regional businesses are more focused on perimeter defence as opposed to the best practise approach. Best practise approach is keen on hardening network internals which is done to try minimise damage from the breaches.

Van Der Ende goes on to say it isn’t anything to do with organisations not caring for security. It’s more the view that investments could be better spent.

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