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<a href="/news/secret-backdoor-accessed-700-times" title="Secret backdoor accessed 700 times!!">Secret backdoor accessed 700 times!!</a>
Posted on: 06 Mar 2017 

Posted By: ITWiser Webmaster

Secret backdoor accessed 700 times!!


It has been reported that a senior IT manager for sportswear company Columbia left a backdoor in its IT systems. This was done before the IT manager left the company, they created a user called “Jeff Manning” which gave them access to the VPN and gave them remote access to Columbia’s network.

The IT manager was called Michael Leeper, he joined Columbia in May 2000 and left in 2014. He went to work for a business partner of Columbia’s called Denali Advanced Integration. Over the next 2 years Leeper used that backdoor 700 times to plunder information regarding technology budgets and corporate plans. All the information that was taken was used to benefit his current employer, as it competed for his former employer’s cash.

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