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<a href="/news/seagate-involved-in-data-breach" title="Seagate involved in data breach!">Seagate involved in data breach!</a>
Posted on: 01 Aug 2017 

Posted By: ITWiser Webmaster

Seagate involved in data breach!


It has recently been reported that Seagate will have to pay $5.75m to settle a lawsuit that was brought against them. The court battle came about after they accidentally handed over sensitive information about their employees.

Last week the storage giant told the California district court that they are willing to cover the cost of identify protection services. They have also said that they're willing to pay upto $3,500 for each of the 12,000 employees. The data was leaked to the hackers using a phishing attack which happened back in 2016.

Seagate have also agreed to pay for insurance which totals $42m for the cost that employees might incur of the back of this breach. Information which was gathered from this phishing attack back in 2016 has already been linked to a string of fake tax return scams.

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