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<a href="/news/scammers-impersonate-the-fbi" title="Scammers impersonate the FBI!">Scammers impersonate the FBI!</a>
Posted on: 05 Feb 2018 

Posted By: ITWiser Webmaster

Scammers impersonate the FBI!


It has been reported a group of scammers have been trying to impersonate the FBI. Further reports suggest that the scammers may have bitten of more than they can chew, the scammers aim is to spread malware across as many machines as possible.

The Internet Crime Complaint centre (IC3) raised an alert last Wednesday after they received numerous complaints from citizens. Lots of people received these emails, every email that was sent stated that the recipient was due compensation from a cyber attack.

There was an attachment that recipients were asked to fill out with their personal information, however this file was crawling with malware. The email in question claimed that a Nigerian man had been arrested by the FBI and that their email address had been found on the scammers computer. All the recipients had to do was fill in this form and return it, once it had been returned the cash would land in their account.

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