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<a href="/news/ransomware-jpg-spreading-through-facebook-messenger" title="Ransomware .JPG spreading through Facebook Messenger!">Ransomware .JPG spreading through Facebook Messenger!</a>
Posted on: 28 Nov 2016 

Posted By: ITWiser Webmaster

Ransomware .JPG spreading through Facebook Messenger!


Security company Checkpoint have recently found a massive phishing campaign, that is being hidden behind a. JPG image in Facebook Messenger. This campaign is dishing out a dangerous ransomware infection which is called Locky, the security firm haven’t released any technical details about this flaw but it is impacting Facebook and LinkedIn.

Once the ransomware is on your system it will start to encrypt the local files on that machine, which will leave restoring from backup or paying the ransom the only way out. It has been reported by many people who have payed the ransom that it doesn’t work, they pay the fee and don’t receive the decryption key. There currently isn’t any decryption for Locky, most people who get hit by this will find that it will wipe out the backups they have.

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