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<a href="/news/ransom-ware-is-evolving" title="Ransom Ware is Evolving">Ransom Ware is Evolving</a>
Posted on: 10 Jul 2015 

Posted By: ITWiser Webmaster

Ransom Ware is Evolving


A new updated and more aggressive version of the likes of CryptoLocker and Gameover, two of the better-known ransom ware programmes, has hit the internet.  CBT Locker, the newest of these malware Trojans has been wreaking havoc over the last few weeks.

This virus spreads quickly by cleverly disguised attachments to emails from organisations that most businesses would not think twice about opening.  Once the system is infected, a ransom is demanded to unlock the encryption that the attachment causes on the systems.  The most effective way of dealing with such an infection is to keep daily back ups of your data and then a restore of an system to a time prior to the infection.

Astonishingly a report by McAfee labs has suggested that up to 35% of these attacks have been in Europe.

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